Fallen Dreams

Dedicated to the brave Men that attempted BUD/S and for one reason or another did not make it through. I used to be motivated, used to be confident and used to look forward to my goals everyday.   Training consistently, day in, day out. Trying my hardest to push myself to my limits, knowing very well we're nicest to ourselves, hence it would be hard.  Some people hate running, some hate the water, some have difficulties lifting heavy weights. Everybody has their own demons to fight off.  The hardest part was not training up to the event but rather ignoring your self doubt. Learning to fend off those negative thoughts leading up to quitting.  You get to know yourself throughly in the process of quitting and think you'll never amount to anything else as great as serving in the teams one day.  Suicidal thoughts creep in sometimes, stopped by the thought of "wait a second.. I'm thinking of quitting again".               You do your best to perform your dai